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 Meet the Starlight CEO, Louise Baxter 

As a community, the one thing we want for our children is that they are happy and healthy. Unfortunately for thousands of families there is a moment in time which changes this forever. It can be the diagnosis of a chronic or life threatening illness or an accident and from this moment things will never be the same again.

At Starlight our mission is to brighten the lives of all seriously ill children and their families. We support them throughout their journey by providing the opportunity to be distracted from the pain and stress of their treatments and to simply be a child again, to experience special and often transformational moments and to be together as a family enjoying activities that those with well children often take for granted. None of this would happen without supporters like you.

When Starlight was established it was purely a Wish Granting organisation. Over the years we have seen our programs expand with concepts that are innovative, unique, high quality and life impacting. These include “community based” as well as our “in hospital” programs which have a presence in 168 hospitals nationally. While the medical professionals are doing an outstanding job of treating the child physically, Starlight is lifting their spirits, reframing situations and supporting their well being. Starlight is now seen as an integral part of the total paediatric care of these children and has responsibility to continue to fund these amazing programs. We could not do this without the ongoing and generous support we receive from individuals, schools, community groups, small business and the corporate sector.

We have also benefited from the support of a passionate group of volunteers who have played an enormous role in making Starlight what it is today and who are critical to our future. These volunteers have given their time to be board members, wish granters, fundraisers and to generally support our events, programs or administration. We truly appreciate every minute they have given which enables us to deliver more directly to the children and their families.

The need for our Starlight programs is increasing with a child admitted to hospital in Australia every minute. However, with your support our future is bright and one day we will reach “all” the children at a time when they need it most.

I know the inspiration for us all is these children, who despite their situation, can always laugh and smile.

We thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,


Louise Baxter
Chief Executive - Starlight Children's Foundation

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