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 Why Starlight 

Starlight's Vision

At Starlight, our mission is to brighten the lives of all seriously ill children and their families. We support them through their journey by providing the opportunity to be distracted from the pain and stress of their treatments and simply be a child again, to experience special transformational moments and to be together as a family enjoying activities that those with well children often take for granted.
We work together as a national team and are united by our STARS values. Starlight’s STARS values underpin all our projects, and actions, ensuring Starlight is a great place to work. STARS values help us to:

  • Shine brightly for seriously ill children and their families
  • Work as one cohesive and caring Team
  • Take pride in our Achievements
  • Be Responsible for Starlight’s performance
  • Share ideas, knowledge and experiences

Meaningful Work

Starlight has a unique culture, a community of talented people guided by a shared goal.

While we work together to brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families, we provide our team with the opportunity to be inspired and see the impact of their everyday work. This provides a deeper meaning and purpose to getting out of bed and going to work every day.

One of the ways our team remains in touch with our mission is through our Get Connected program.  This is where all team members spend time delivering our programs to Starlight children and families. Each quarter, each team member has the opportunity to choose which program they participate in, whether it is in our Starlight Express Rooms, Livewire programor Wishgranting.

This ensures Starlight’s mission is never far from our thoughts.  Our Get Connected program allows us to gather personal stories and memories of Starlight’s impact, inspiring us to do better each day. At Starlight we are committed to providing our people with a supportive and empowering workplace, while achieving a greater sense of purpose while at work.

The Starlight Employment Experience

Starlight has developed best practise to ensure each team member has an amazing Starlight Employment Experience. Backed by our external recognition as an AON Hewitt Best Employer, the Starlight Employment Experience begins at the Selection and Recruitment stage and is maintained throughout each team member’s time with Starlight, ensuring we retain people with exceptional talent by coaching, developing and challenging individuals.

We have found that those who have moved on from Starlight remain connected and passionate about our mission and choose to stay in contact with us through our Alumni network and various events.  

 AON Hewitt Best Employer Award


At Starlight, great leadership can be found at every level. We invest in our people and our managers so they can engage, motivate and effectively lead those around them.

Starlight is built on strong leadership foundations, from our Executive team led by our CEO Louise Baxter, our national & state advisory Boards, to our People Managers Forum and to each individual team member.

We seek out and engage people with outstanding leadership qualities to ensure our success.  We encourage sharing of learning and development and offer great mentoring opportunities.

We believe great leadership at the individual level is the reason we are one of Australia’s leading and most trusted Children’s charity.


Talent Development

Our Talent development model is about continually working to develop and retain exceptional people. We are committed to investing in our people to help them succeed. We develop the capability needed to drive growth, while creating an inspiring workplace culture of achievement and personal satisfaction. 

We work to motivate and develop each person, to ensure they add value to Starlight and receive the coaching, development & recognition they need to maintain high levels of performance. We support our people to maintain a healthy work life balance and where practical, enable them to work in flexible ways.

"The most wonderful part of my job is being present on Wishgranting days; it’s heartwarming when you see how happy the children are to have their Starlight Wish granted. To be able to facilitate this happiness is priceless!"
Kerry Weightman, Starlight Wishgranting Coordinator

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