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 Kobi's Hooked On A Wish! 

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Five year-old Kobi is fixated on fishing and boats. He is a very fine sailor and already he has rowed through the biggest storms and right over the tallest waves. What’s more, he’s done all this without leaving the hospital.

You see, Kobi has been battling cancer. So when it gets too much, this little boy sits in his pretend boat and moves his imaginary oars.

Kobi rowed after surgery. Then again with each and every dose of chemo.

He lost his hair and his skin was red raw. He was terribly sick and so skinny.  But that did not stop him from moving those oars as he headed for the horizon.

By this stage Kobi’s temperature was causing seizures. He was vomiting blood and had an infection in his heart. Kobi could no longer walk and feared showers because the water stung his skin. Even so, nothing deterred Kobi from wanting to be in his pretend boat and out on the bay. 

Over the years, financial pressures have seen the family lose their home and sell furniture to help cover costs. However, when Kobi once saw his Mum Amanda cry, his condition deteriorated.

At first she  was desperately worried and found it hard to keep her spirits up, but she says, “Mum said to me, if you have a one in three chance of winning the lotto, you’d be straight out to buy a ticket. Also, I noticed that when the Captain Starlights were there to keep Kobi’s spirits up in hospital, he responded to his treatment so much more, so from that moment on we kept everything positive for Kobi’s sake.”

As well as visits from Captain Starlight, Amanda used Kobi’s obsession with fishing and boats for him to focus on through often painful treatment. The two of them, with Kobi’s sister Hope would pretend to row and talk about all the fish Kobi would be able to catch once he got better. Amazingly, it all helped and Kobi is now in remission.

When Kobi was offered a Starlight Wish, his choice was easy – he wanted his own little fishing boat.


Thanks to those who have already supported the Starlight Tax Appeal, Kobi’s Wish came true, with the recent delivery of a 3.5 meter tin boat!

Amanda said the look on Kobi’s face was priceless and he sat in the boat, even though it was just in the driveway, for hours (he even wanted to sleep in it, but mum said no..)

On average, a Starlight Wish costs $6,000 to bring to life, and with 466 seriously ill children’s wishes on the waiting list we urgently need your support.                                                                                                                                                   

On behalf of kids like Kobi and their families, thank you for helping to make this happen.

P.S. Don’t forget that whatever you give now can be claimed on your very next tax return.

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