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 Adam's Story 

Adam was an energetic, sport loving, 8-year-old boy, when in just one day his life changed forever. His mother Leina, said it was the scariest day of her life.

"It happened so suddenly". He just said, ‘Mum, I’m feeling funny – my hands are big and I can’t feel between my eyes and nose.’ I think it was a numbness and he couldn’t explain it.” By the time Adam got to the hospital he had to be carried, he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t move.

Adam was in Intensive Care for six months and in hospital for more than a year and a half, however, thanks to wonderful supporters like you, Adam’s hospital stay was not all about sadness and fear. He could escape to the Starlight Express Room, and even when in Intensive Care, Captain Starlight was there to play games.

Adam, now 11 years old is a ventilated quadriplegic and wished to be a movie star.

Thanks to Starlight’s amazing supporters, Adam’s Wish has been granted! Filming has now finished on an adaptation of one of Adam’s favourite movies, Harry Potter. ‘The Wizard of Hogwash’ stars Adam as Professor Knuckebutt, who is enlisted by the Headmasters of Hogwash Academy of Wizardry to help a 40-something year old wizard pass his Hex and Spells Certificate.

Underbelly star Gyton Grantley gave Adam acting lessons and said Adam was a natural! Adam had a fantastic time filming and watching all the special effects come to life. He will soon be presented with the finished movie, an amazing gift only possible thanks to Starlight’s generous supporters just like you!

At Starlight, we aim to grant 400 life impacting Wishes to kids like Adam every year, costing around $6,000 each, so please give now. Any amount you can give will help us bring some Starlight magic to kids like Adam when they need it most.



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