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Bailey's Story 

Baby Bailey

At just 6 weeks old Bailey was diagnosed with a serious kidney condition which meant up to 14 doses of medications a day and hospital visits every single week. Sometimes just once or twice a week, sometimes 4-5 times.

Without a doubt, the weekly injections and blood tests were always the days most dreaded. Bailey knew the SECOND a nurse walked in the door what was coming.

Imagine having to watch your child cry in sheer terror every single week. 

It was about 3 weeks after Bailey’s sister Kaitlin was born, and roughly 3 months shy of his 3rd Birthday, that Bailey took a bad turn. His kidneys had shut down. Bailey needed a kidney transplant.

The whole family moved into the Hospital – mum Mel and partner Rick, along with baby Kaitlin – with each parent taking it in turns to sleep next to Bailey, or in the parent’s hostel with Kaitlin. 

They all spent Christmas day in hospital, with just one wish – that Bailey would be ok.

After a 10 hour operation, with Bailey's dad donating a kidney, they were confronted by their little boy with what seemed like a million wires and tubes attached to him. Even Dad was wheeled from his operating table to Bailey's bedside.

But thankfully the news was good, the operation was a success!

BaileyFinally, this Christmas Bailey is a healthy, energetic and playful 4 year old boy, and his family feel they may just have reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

Bailey’s Starlight Wish is to visit Movie World on the Gold Coast – when he sees Movie World on TV he jumps up and down yelling “mummy, mummy, look, look, look, I want to go to that one!”

You can help grant this very brave little boy’s Starlight Wish and give the whole family a chance to re-energise, spend some quality time together and just have fun.

Please donate now. It’s because of YOU – and only because of people like YOU – that children’s Starlight Wishes can come true.

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