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Christian's Story 

In 2006 Nicki and Todd's little boy Christian was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumour and months of painful gruelling operations and medical treatments followed. Watch his journey.


Little Christian has now been in remission for three years. He’s in Year 3 at school, is learning to play the guitar, and goes to tennis clinics in the summer holidays. In short, he’s a happy, healthy little boy.

"Thanks to Starlight, Christian’s most enduring memories of hospital aren’t the needles, the tests, or how sick he was during chemo. Instead, all he talks about are his experiences with Starlight, and the day his Wish was granted.

We are so grateful to Starlight for making a horrendous experience seem bearable. I really hope people support Starlight, because anyone who’s been to hospital and seen what these kids have to endure would do so in a heartbeat. I can’t see how their lives would be bright without Starlight.”  Nicki, Christian's mother.

To help brighten the lives of children like Christian please give a gift today.

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