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 Connor's Story 

Connor's Story

At just 5 days old doctors told Connor’s Parents he would need emergency open heart surgery or he would not survive. To date, 7 yr old Connor has had 3 open heart surgeries to fix a serious and complex congenital heart condition, with more planned for the future.

Even with all his conditions, the operations and tests, Connor’s day can be instantly brightened when he gets a visit from Captain Starlight. The Starlight Captain’s provide Connor with a welcomed distraction from his condition, helping him to laugh and have fun through incredibly stressful situations

Connor’s father recalls "When Connor was 6 and had his last open heart surgery, we had a horrific day following a complication he experienced in the Intensive Care Unit. There were people running everywhere; the doctors were stressed, the nurses were stressed and Connor was in significant pain. There was talk about going into another surgery if the complication could not be resolved. Connor was screaming and the quick thinking nurse, made a phone call to send up Captain Starlight”."

"The point of this, is after we came home, I was talking to Connor about that awful day but his own recollection was the Captain’s, so while we remember the rest of it, all he remembers is the Captain's who came up and gave him a Christmas present.

Sometimes there is only so much a Mum and Dad can do, when as parents we are also highly stressed in these situations. So to have the Starlight Captain’s there is always a fantastic distraction."

The simple act of a donation can help families like Connor’s deal with the stress and pain of having a seriously ill child by keeping the Starlight Captains, Fun Centres and Starlight Express Rooms running in our hospitals.



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