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 Kobi's Story 

Kobi was just two and a half when he was diagnosed with a life-threatening tumour in his stomach.

Kobi endured eighteen months of intensive treatment which made him terribly sick. He was bed-ridden for so long that he had to learn how to walk again.

And when Kobi was granted his very own special Starlight Wish, it was literally a dream come true.

His mum said: “All Kobi wanted was a tin boat so he could go sailing and fishing around the world. It was heartbreaking because we’d sit in the (pretend) boat in hospital and sing and row our way home to Port Macquarie.”



Little Kobi is now in remission and he’s planning family boat trips and imagining catching his first big fish.

The support we received from generous supporters like you meant that we could help Kobi and his family when they needed it the most.




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