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Morgan's Story 

For Sandy and Jamie, the birth of their first child brings back difficult memories. Their precious baby girl Morgan was born with a brittle bone disorder.

“She was this amazing little miracle. She was so tiny and just gorgeous. It’s hard knowing that your child is in so much pain and you can’t take it away.” Sandy said.

Morgan’s condition is very painful and breaks can take between six to eight weeks to heal. She can fracture from even a minor knock. This makes travel, school and even playing with her little sister Keiley extremely difficult. Sadly, Morgan will never be able to receive her greatest wish – to walk.

From the age of five months Morgan has been receiving treatment. Seven years on and the family can’t remember a time when they didn’t have to visit a hospital ward. Living three hours away, the constant travel, medical bills and time away from home are a burden, and they get very little outside assistance. On top of that, the family rarely spends quality time together because Jamie needs to work as much as possible to support the family.

But with the help of our generous supporters, Starlight was able to sprinkle a little light on this amazing family. Recently, Morgan was granted her Starlight Wish - click on the video to see Morgan realise her dream wish.

“This is an amazing opportunity for us as a family to spend some quality time together that doesn’t involve hospitals or involve Morgan being poked and prodded or people wanting to look at her. It’s just about the four of us spending some wonderful moments and memories together.” Sandy, Morgan's Mum.

This is just one of many families that Starlight can reach, but we need your help to reach so many others. When financial times are tough, families of seriously ill children are hit hardest; every donation counts, please give generously to Starlight.

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