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Captain Starlight 

Captain Starlight is a superhero from Planet Starlight, who transforms the hospital experience of children and young people, and their families across Australia.

Our Captain Starlights are a team of experienced performers, trained to help children and young people through some of their most challenging moments – overcoming the anxiety of surgery, distracting them from the pain of having a dressing changed or simply relief from the boredom and isolation that hospitalisation can bring. All Starlight programs are centred on the social model of health, which recognises the critical role of play, fun and social interaction to health and wellbeing.
“If Captain Starlight can help us get children up and out of hospital quicker, that’s an extraordinary thing.”  Paediatric Doctor

Captain Starlight is central to the fun, joy and laughter of the hospital experience.  Captain Starlight provides distraction from the pain and stress of illness and its treatment, and while the impact and transformation is immediate, it also has the longer term outcome of maintaining a strong sense of the individual and ensures their hospital experience is more positive.

Captain Starlights are at all major paediatric hospitals across the country as well as working alongside health providers in the Northern Territory (where the Captains’ unique talents are instrumental in ensuring children visit the health clinics for vital health checks and services.

“Tyson often had bedside visits from Captain Starlight, which allowed a welcomed distraction with a magic trick or a joke. Visits full of laughter, such a precious thing to hear when your child is in pain.”
Mum of Tyson, an 8-year-old child with Cystic Fibrosis


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