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 Planet Starlight 

If you look up at the stars tonight, you may just catch a small glimpse of a very special planet. 

Planet Starlight is sometimes hard to see, but if you find the third star left of the moon and next to that hold up your hand like a star with your thumb touching the star, Planet Starlight is the star just above your little finger.

Planet Starlight is a very unique place, it is filled with wonderful magical things and the people of planet Starlight (The Starlights) are always happy and smiling.

Now it is said that not too long ago on a dark and rather stormy night a very strange thing happened, something so unusual, and something that had never happened before. Thousands of children in many, many hospitals wished for the very same thing at the very same time! 

The children wished for a place in the hospital where they could have fun, laugh, make lots of noise and act like kids, a place where they could meet and play with other children and their families, and maybe forget about the reason why they were in hospital in the first place.

This wish was so big and so powerful, that it created a giant shooting star which was seen from all corners of the galaxy; it shot out into the galaxy and headed in a straight line, directly for planet Starlight.

All of a sudden in a giant puff of purple smoke a bubble appeared, the Starlights gasped.  As the Starlights watched in amazement the star began to glow and faces started to appear one by one in the centre, they were the sad, bored faces of the children on earth who had wished for something fun to do.

The leaders of Planet Starlight called an urgent meeting. The meeting went for days and days and finally they came up with a brilliant idea. They decided to start a new Training program called the ‘Starlight Academy’.  They would recruit some of the most interesting, funny, unusual, and energetic of the Starlights and train them to be amazing superhero entertainers called ‘Captain Starlight’ they would then send them down to Earth to entertain all the children.


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