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Research & Program Development 

Starlight Child Paris

New Starlight Express Rooms

Starlight is currently constructing two new Starlight Express Rooms:

  • In early 2011 the first ever Starlight Express Room in South Australia will open at the Women's and Children's.
  • In December 2011 a new Starlight Express will open at the new Royal Children's Hospital in Victoria. 

We are also currently finalising the design for the new Starlight Express Room at the new Queensland Children's Hospital.

The design of these new rooms has been guided by feedback from families, including a survey of almost 1,000 families who use the Starlight Express Rooms around Australia.  Input has also been gathered through an observation study, face-to-face consultations, a literature review and program evaluations.

Needs Analysis Study

Starlight's current program strategy is based on a comprehensive needs analysis study.  At the core of this year-long project was extensive consultation with almost 300 young people, parents and health professionals to understand the role Starlight plays in meeting their needs.

Research - Starlight Express Rooms

PwC was commissioned by Starlight to conduct an assessment to ‘quantify' the impact and value delivered through the Starlight Express Room and Captain Starlight programs.  View the report here

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