Starlight children, young people & their families

Jaxon's story

Diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia, Jaxon finds happiness in the Starlight Express Room.

Archie's story

Archie's brain tumor has changed his life but Starlight has helped him make friends, play and socialise

Noah's story

Noah has undergone multiple surgeries missing out on the fun of childhood A Starlight Wish helped bring happiness back

Alder's story

15 months in hospital hasn't stopped Alder from finding happiness in the Starlight Express Room

Oliver's story

After experiencing so many lows during treatment, getting his Starlight Wish brought Oliver happiness

Eve's story

In the toughest moments Eve has a special place in hospital she can go.

Hailey's story

Despite it all, Hailey is brave and full of energy. Starlight has helped her cope with hospital and treatment.

Jacob's story

Jacob was born with Goldenhar syndrome but his tenacious spirit sees him live life to the fullest

Nate's story

Nate's family says "We only have one rule: Captain Starlight first!"

Willow's story

Despite 489 days in hospital, Willow still has her special spark.

Oliver's story

The Starlight Express Room gives Oliver the opportunity to thrive, feel safe and be himself.

Montana's story

Having lived her life in and out of hospital. Montana's day shines brighter whenever Captain Starlight comes to visit

Henry's story

Henry’s mum Melissa had to ask doctors the question no parent ever wants to ask.

Mia Rose's story

How can a family’s world come crumbling down in the space of just ten minutes?

Ari's story

Captain Starlight makes the world of difference for Ari and his family, helping them bear Ari's Leukemia treatment

Maddie's story

Isolated in hospital, Captain Starlight brought the fun and laughter to make Maddie's time in hospital more bearable

Vance's story

Despite a horrific accident that left Vance with a spinal cord injury, his spirit stays strong

Harry's story

Diagnosed with cancer and cerebral palsy, the Starlight Express Room has become a safe space for Harry to shine bright

Starlight fundraisers

Gee family Christmas lights

This family lights up their home to bring joy to sick kids

Pestily's quest to raise $1million

Gamer Pesitly is raising $1million by streaming games

Dale's marathon push to raise $35,000

Dale pushed his wheelchair 42kms in the Melbourne Marathon to raise money for sick kids

Starlight volunteers

Volunteer in retirement

How a few hours of your time can make a difference for hospitalised children

Annie's story

As a teen, Annie experienced the impact of Starlight in hospital. Now she's found a creative way to give back.

Jay's story

Jay experienced Starlight as a child and now enjoys giving back.

Pam's story

Pam enjoys watching the faces of sick children transform into smiles and laughter

Andrea's story

No two days are the same for Andrea when she volunteers in the Starlight Express Room.

Ben's story

Ben started out volunteering while studying and has now volunteered over 640 hours for Starlight.

Brad's story

The day Brad spends volunteering at Livewire is the best day of his week.

Charlotte's story

Volunteering allows Charlotte to be herself and do what she loves - putting smiles on kids' faces.

Hien's story

Hien's been providing smiles to kids and families in the Starlight Express Room for over 15 years!