Starlight children, young people & their families

Taiyo's story

When he is feeling well enough, Taiyo loves to visit the Starlight Express Room to socialise and play games.

Anabela's story

Captain Starlight helps distract Anabela from her treatments and makes her time in hospital much happier.

Vishwa's story

The excitement of Vishwa's Starlight Wish has helped her get through her toughest days in hospital.

Ellie's story

Ellie's mum says the moments of joy and respite Starlight provide are vital to the whole family.

Harper's story

Starlight allowed Harper's family to reconnect and spend valuable time together away from the stress of hospital.

Alyssar's story

When Alyssar's siblings visit her in hospital, they love playing together in the Starlight Express Room.

Winston's story

The Starlight Express Room gives the family something fun to look forward to and breaks up the days in hospital.

Charlotte's story

Charlotte loves to dance with Captain Starlight and sing along with them to her favourite songs.

Hunter's story

Hunter's favourite movie in hospital was 101 Dalmatians. Guess what he asked for his Starlight Wish?

Abigail's story

Whenever Abigail is nervous about hospital, her mum and dad remind her of the fun of Captain Starlight.

Samara's story

Samara's Starlight Wish has given her something she can care for and cherish.

Em's story

Starlight helps bring Em's whole family vital moments of respite during hospital stays.

Nora's story

When Nora was granted her Starlight Wish it was the best distraction from the fear & loneliness of months in hospital

Oliver's story

Captain Starlight made Oliver laugh for the first time since he'd been admitted to hospital.

Rose's story

The excitement of Rose's upcoming Starlight Wish has brought her so much joy amid the toughest times.

Starlight fundraisers

Gee family Christmas lights

This family lights up their home to bring joy to sick kids

Pestily's quest to raise $1million

Gamer Pesitly is raising $1million by streaming games

Dale's marathon push to raise $35,000

Dale pushed his wheelchair 42kms in the Melbourne Marathon to raise money for sick kids

Starlight volunteers

Jay's story

Jay experienced Starlight as a child and now enjoys giving back.

Pam's story

Pam enjoys watching the faces of sick children transform into smiles and laughter

Andrea's story

No two days are the same for Andrea when she volunteers in the Starlight Express Room.

Ben's story

Ben started out volunteering while studying and has now volunteered over 640 hours for Starlight.