You made Marley's wish for a cubby come true!

A happy and social five-year-old, Marley loves to play with his friends.

Sadly, Marley was born premature - at just 24 weeks. Since then, he has spent a lot of time in hospital with chronic lung disease and other health complications.

Marley requires home oxygen. Fun adventures like playing with his friends at the local park can put him at risk, so he often misses out.

Thanks to supporters like you, Marley was granted a Starlight Wish. He now has an epic place to play with his own backyard cubby house.

Starlight installed his cubby while he was at the doctors, complete with a play kitchen, coffee machine and seating area.

Marley returned home to a surprise celebrity welcome from Captain Starlight and Channel 7’s Sunrise team.

“Since the cubby reveal, Marley has wanted to play in it every day from the moment he wakes up. It’s given him a place to experience playing outside safely," said Kellie.

Thanks to you, Marley can experience the fun of being a kid!