At just two weeks old, baby Vishwa suddenly stopped feeding. After three harrowing days in ICU, she was tragically diagnosed with the kidney disease Congenital nephrotic syndrome.

"We were devastated. Instead of being at home with us, Vishwa lived in hospital for the first couple of months of her life," mum Mital said.

Once she was discharged, Vishwa needed to return to hospital for dialysis four times a week, had a central line in her chest and gruelling weekly infusions.

While the family faced ongoing pain and fear, Captain Starlight helped them forget the sadness of hospital and always brought a smile to little Vishwa's face.

Doctors ultimately told Mital their only hope for Vishwa was a kidney transplant. With neither mum nor dad Kuldipsinh able to donate, Vishwa’s Grandma in India - known as 'Nanima' - offered to be the donor for her four-year-old granddaughter.

She flew to Australia for the life-saving transplant surgery.

"Nanima has given us the most precious gift of all, one we could never repay. Nanima and Vishwa now share a very special bond,”"Mital said.

During her long days in hospital, Captain Starlight helped Vishwa have fun and be a kid again.

"Captain Starlight is so beneficial for kids' emotions," Mital says. "As soon as Vishwa sees the Captains, she's her old self again."

While feeling positive after the surgery, the family were hit with a devastating blow. Vishwa was diagnosed with another life-threatening condition earlier this year.

Mital said it was overwhelming. With a new baby to care for and Vishwa needing round the clock care, it was a struggle financially and emotionally.

Yet more time in hospital, took its toll on Vishwa. She couldn’t attend school and missed her baby sister Rishwa terribly. She missed being at home cooking with her mum and dancing around the kitchen.

Sadly, Vishwa lost her hair due to her treatment but bravely decided to donate it to help someone else.

"Vishwa loves dressing up like a princess or in Indian traditional dress and performing at festivals, but she’s lost a lot of her confidence and doesn’t feel as strong," Mital said. "Losing her long hair made her sad, but she was proud something good came of it."

Now seven years old, Vishwa has spent more of her life in hospital than anywhere else.

Amid so much pain and heartache, came the happiness the family needed when Vishwa was granted her Starlight Wish.

Vishwa loves playing princesses so she wished for a special 'Princess Room' for her and sister Rishwa.

The anticipation and excitement of her wish helped Vishwa get through her toughest days.

"She loved planning every element of her dream room from the princess dressing table to the pink cushions, rug and bed canopy. It gave her something fun to do in hospital," her mum said.

The final sparkly details of Vishwa's Starlight Wish were a big surprise and when she saw her finished room for the very first time, she was so excited. Vishwa said she loves every part of her new room, but especially the pink the walls, the dressing table, her wardrobe filled with princess dress-ups, her princess castle and princess dolls thanks to our partner Mattel, and the family photo wall!

"Now I have somewhere that is so beautiful to sleep - it's nothing like hospital," Vishwa she said.

After so much time apart, Vishwa and her little sister can't wait to play princesses together. It will be extra special for Vishwa to have her own room for the first time.

"We haven't seen Vishwa this happy in a very long time," her dad said. "This is a very special lifetime gift for Vishwa." To add to the family's excitement, Vishwa's wish came true just days before Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights. The double celebration will give Vishwa so many happy memories and her mum said she can’t wait to tell the nurses all about it when she returns to hospital for treatment.

Mital is so thankful to Starlight supporters and said the following:

"A very big thank you. Vishwa's Starlight Wish is like a big Diwali present for our family at such a special time of year. We could never have done this on our own. Starlight has changed our life; bringing us out of the sadness feels like a new life for us."