Bringing fun & happiness to sick kids

Who makes hospital fun? Captain Starlight!

Who helps kids forget about being sick? Captain Starlight!

Who distracts kids from the pain of treatment? Captain Starlight!

Who makes you laugh when things are tough? Captain Starlight!

Captain Starlight is a superhero of fun helping sick kids cope with the uncertainty and worry of hospital and treatment. With Captain Starlight sick kids can simply be kids.

The Captain Starlight difference

Our Captain Starlight program is all about the positive power of fun and laughter.

Having fun with Captain Starlight helps sick kids feel happier, more confident and puts them in a better place to deal with the pain and stress of hospital and treatment.

It helps reduce boredom, stress and anxiety and improves overall health and wellbeing.

"Starlight dramatically helps with kids' mental health and putting them in a good mood to tackle whatever they have to face in hospital."

Gus' mum, Lisa

This innovative program was developed in partnership with leading Australian health professionals to complement the Australian healthcare system and creates a lasting positive impact on the lives of sick kids.

Captain Starlight is all about fun and laughter because happiness matters to sick kids.

"The Captain Starlights have such a positive impact on him and are really quick at adapting their interactions to support his needs. They really see who he is, not 'what's wrong with him.'"

Dale's mum

Where you'll find Captain Starlight

In hospital

Captain Starlight can be found delivering fun and laughter in every major children's hospital in Australia.

Planet Starlight

Live and fully interactive, Planet Starlight connects kids with all the fun of Captain Starlight, wherever they are!

Healthier Futures Initiative

Captain Starlight visits regional and remote clinics and hospitals to support indigenous communities

Behind the cape

Our Captain Starlights are a talented crew. They're highly skilled professional performers who draw on their unique talents - improvisation, clowning, comedy, and live performance, to help sick kids through their most challenging moments.

Through the power of improvised play, fun and laughter, Captain Starlight plays a critical role in the care and wellbeing of seriously ill children.

There are over 180 Captain Starlights across Australia helping to turn kid’s frowns upside down!