Partnering to support healthier futures for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

There is still a significant gap between the health status of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids have some of the highest levels of preventable diseases in the world.

Our Healthier Futures Initiative is helping to change that.

Access to health services is often limited in remote communities and clinic visits can be met with anxiety and fear - especially for kids.

Until they meet Captain Starlight!

Partnering with health professionals, our Healthier Futures Initiative brings Captain Starlight to remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community health clinics to provide positive distraction for kids through song, dance, games and storytelling.

By engaging with kids through fun and play, Starlight helps boost participation in healthcare. And by enhancing the clinic experience, community engagement in the healthcare system has increased too.

Healthier Futures Initiative impact

When Captain Starlight visits remote health clinics, kids are more likely to participate in the vital health checks they need.

98% of health teams we partner with in remote communities rate the impact of Captain Starlight on children as significant.

Health professionals highlighted that Captain Starlight:

  • was entertaining and engaging for kids

  • helped provide distractions for children and their families during clinic visits

  • allowed health professionals to be more productive by keeping children occupied and engaged during their visit

"I feel excited about the future. We couldn't have got to where we are without Captain Starlight's assistance. We wouldn't be seeing the drop in disease rates or number and we wouldn't have these amazing results"

Earbus team member

Where do we go?

In 2022 Captain Starlight made 186 trips to 81 remote Indigenous communities around Australia. Along the way, Captain Starlight created 5,365 positive experiences for kids in community.