Supporting young people with a serious illness

Livewire is Starlight's dedicated program for teenagers living with a serious illness, disability or chronic health condition.

We know that social connections are essential to teens' development and to help build their identity and sense of belonging. Livewire aims to do just that.

Livewire is delivered in two ways - in hospital and online.

Through Livewire, young people (aged 12 - 20) connect with others who understand what they are going through helping them cope with the stress, anxiety and isolation of hospital and serious illness.

  • Livewire provides peer support that boosts teen's confidence and self esteem

  • Livewire equips teenagers to better manage stress, isolation and anxiety

  • Livewire helps teens feel happier, accepted and more positive about their health condition

  • Livewire is in hospital and online, so teens are supported when and where they need it

Why is Livewire needed?

Hospital and serious illness can increase a teen's risk of:

  • Social isolation

  • Mental health issues

  • Feelings of stress and anxiety

  • Lower peer acceptance

  • Lower emotional and physical wellbeing