Young people with a chronic health concern, mental health condition or a disability can spend a lot of time in hospital and often miss out on important social connections.

Livewire is for them.

Livewire transforms the hospital experience for young people by providing engaging and meaningful activities that help boost social connections and creativity. Livewire gives teens a safe space to be themselves, connect with others, develop a creative skill and just have fun.

Our Livewire Facilitators run workshops and activities throughout adolescent wards and mental health units to help teens connect with others and be distracted from their illness and treatment. Workshops include creative writing, storytelling, art, gaming, design, music and more.

In the evenings, Livewire hosts a dedicated space in the Starlight Express Room for teenagers in hospital to socialise, chill out, learn a new skill and chat to other teens who get what they're going through.

Livewire's impact

  • Reduces feelings of isolation

  • Increases peer support and social connections

  • Distracts teens from the challenges of hospitalisation and illness

  • Helps teens cope and manage their illness

  • Creates opportunities to build skills and develop creative expression

Livewire participants are happier with improved mood, less anxiety and show better compliance with management and treatment of their condition."

Healthcare professional