A community for young people living with illness or disability

Teens with chronic health issues don't suddenly stop being sick when they leave hospital so neither does Livewire.

Livewire Online is a safe, supportive community that's just for teenagers living with illness or disability. It's there for teens 24/7 across Australia and New Zealand.

Whether you’re home or in hospital, you can make friends, share stories, laugh, have a vent, and be yourself. Our moderated chat is live 12pm-12am every day, plus live streaming, games, videos, comps and more!

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What is Livewire online?

A place where people just get it. When you’re a teenager living with illness or disability, people don’t always get what you’re going through – and it can be hard for siblings too. 

That’s why we created Livewire: a community for young people like you, who are dealing with tricky stuff and can do with some extra support from crew who understand. 

Through live chat, you can talk about whatever’s going on in your life, from operations and MRIs, to issues with friends or family. 

But that’s not all - we have activities happening every day like comps, live game-shows, special guests and more. Think of it as your escape hatch on those days you feel bored or just over it. For all the latest check out our Instagram @starlight_livewire

Who can join Livewire Online?

Livewire is open to anyone aged 12-20 who’s living with a chronic health condition, serious illness or a disability. Siblings are welcome as we know this stuff can affect you too. You just need to be living in Australia or New Zealand to join. 

Simply create an account, and as soon as our team get in touch to confirm your details, you’ll have access to live chat!

My favourite moments of being on here have been everything. But I have enjoyed the chats, chat events, competitions, quiz nights and trivia nights. I really felt included and understood, it made me feel very happy and has opened the world to me on another perspective.

Livewire Online member

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