Putting the happy back into childhood

Fun and play are essential to every childhood. When serious illness takes that happiness away, Starlight is still there.

We give sick kids the fun and happiness that has a lasting positive impact on their lives.

Here's how Starlight's programs make a difference:

  • Sick kids are distracted from their illness, pain and treatment

  • Sick kids feel happier and more in control

  • Sick kids can better manage their pain

  • Sick kids feel less anxious about hospital and treatment

  • Sick kids have an increased sense of wellbeing

We're serious about fun because we see the impact it creates on kids in hospitals and communities across the country every day. When you give to Starlight, you're helping sick kids feel happier, more confident and ready to face life's challenges.

Measuring Starlight's impact on the community

We continually evaluate and independantly measure the impact of all our national programs.

A study conducted by PWC in 2012 shows that for every $1 invested into our Starlight Express Room program, there's a return of over $4 to the community. Updated figures in 2018 reflect our extended programs reach and an increased return of $5.70 to the community.

Additionally, Social Ventures reported that for every $1 invested in our Livewire online community for sick teens, $5.30 was returned to the community in value.

Happiness delivered in 2020:

Here's what impact looks like:

Chayse's story

Chayse loves going to the Starlight Express Room to play video games with Captain Starlight and appear on Starlight TV

Nora's story

When Nora was granted her Starlight Wish it was the best distraction from the fear & loneliness of months in hospital

Mackie's Livewire story

Being part of Livewire has helped Mackie cope with years of hospital and treatment and motivated her to walk in heels