Starlight Wishes help dreams come true

When sick kids’ worlds are filled with hospital and treatment, a Starlight Wish is an incredible gift of happiness.

Starlight Wishes give sick kids something fun to look forward to and create new memories to treasure forever.

When you grant a Starlight Wish, you help sick kids and their families leave the pain of treatment behind and enjoy more of what matters most - fun, joy and shared happiness. It's a once-in-a lifetime gift that helps sick kids’ dreams come true!

Starlight Wish journey

From the moment a child is told their Starlight Wish is to be granted the excitement begins. Dreaming, planning and talking about the wish is a great distraction from treatment and surgery. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that lifts spirits and brings families together.

Each child is unique and so is each Starlight Wish. Designed to suit the specific needs of each child, Starlight Wishes come in all shapes and sizes - from travel wishes, hero wishes, experience wishes, gift wishes...the sky’s the limit!

The impact of a Starlight Wish

  • Kids enjoy a sense of control choosing their dream wish -> Kids feel stronger & empowered 

  • Kids have something fun to look forward to ->Positive distraction from illness  

  • Kids and families reconnect -> improves family cohesion 

  • Kids enjoy a break from hospital -> happy memories build confidence & resilience  

  • Kids feel happier and more positive -> Increased sense of wellbeing  

1 in 4 Starlight Wishes are evaluated by families

Each year we grant over 500 Starlight Wishes and have granted more than 11,000

Refer a child for a Starlight Wish

I'm a healthcare professional

We accept referals from health professionals working in an Australian paediatric hospital.

I'm family or friends of a sick child

Please contact the child’s healthcare professional about referring the child for a Starlight Wish.