Would you love to change lives for the better?


At Starlight we're part of something which makes a real impact on people's lives. When we're at our best, we can be our best for the kids we support. That's why our growth and wellbeing are prioritised.

"My role gives me incredible purpose."

What if work was inspiring and positive?


We're an inclusive and innovative team. We love what we do, we care about each other and we work in a collaborative and flexible way, respecting the need for give and take. We live and breathe positive psychology in everything we do, and we're inspired through positive leadership.

"I feel inspired every day."

Want to be part of an exceptional team?


We're proud to have been recognised and awarded for being a great place to work. We bring our best selves to Starlight each day, and we achieve exceptional outcomes. We are valued as individuals and as a team and we are highly engaged with our purpose.

"I love the look on people's faces when I tell them I'm part of the Starlight team."