For a brighter, more inclusive future

Our second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.

We're very proud to have progressed on our path of greater awareness and inclusion of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders peoples and cultures.

Our second Innovate RAP is an exciting progression as we continue to formally and publicly acknowledge our commitment to shaping a more inclusive Australia.

Our vision for reconciliation

To embed awareness, acknowledgement and respect of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures within our organisation to contribute towards a just, equitable and inclusive Australia.

Fair access to health, education and employment opportunities is central to this vision.

Our unique contribution is to support the wellbeing and happiness of seriously ill and hospitalised children. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, Starlight's Healthier Futures Initiative strives to change the experience of clinics, treatment and hospitalisation by replacing pain, fear and stress with fun, laughter and joy... because Happiness Matters!

Our three focus areas are:

  • Emphasising respect

  • Enhancing relationships

  • Creating opportunities

Respect remains central to our organisation. Through our second RAP we strive to deepen our understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and take steps to enhance our practices accordingly.

Deepening positive relationships, built on trust and respect with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, ensures we continue our work towards Reconciliation together.  We're committed to creating improved health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people through our Healthier Futures Initiative.

We're also dedicated to finding opportunities across Starlight to keep making a positive contribution to Reconciliation, e.g. by supporting new business opportunities and ensuring we retain team members through developing an inclusive, supportive and culturally safe workplace.

Shining brighter together

Our thanks to the commitment and alignment of the entire Starlight team to help us achieve our Reconciliation goals.

Further, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices are crucial to developing and implementing a meaningful RAP. We're very grateful for the guidance of our external RAP Advisors.

We've also continued to receive invaluable insights, learnings and advice from organisations at different stages of their Reconciliation journey. This has helped us anticipate challenges and incorporate aspects of successful models. Starlight's RAPs have been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia. We look forward to continuing to work together on our reconciliation journey.

Starlight's Reconcilation Action Plan 2019 - 2021

Our second and current RAP

Partnering to improve health outcomes

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