Grace's story

5-year-old Grace is happiest playing AFL, being with her cousins and catching mud crabs in the ocean.

Sadly, Grace has the lung disease Bronchiectasis. To keep her heart and lungs healthy, she needs to attend regular community health clinics.

Living in a remote Indigenous community in the NT, health clinics provide vital ongoing healthcare to kids like Grace.

But clinic visits fill Grace with so much fear, she doesn’t want to go for her health checks. Without these health checks, kids can experience poorer long-term health.

But as soon as Grace sees Captain Starlight her face lights up and her fears disappear.

Grace’s mum Lucy says without the Captains at the clinics Grace would not want to go.

“When Grace knows the Captain Starlights are coming, she runs to the clinic and waits for them! The Captains make the health clinic so much better for her,” she said.

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Create healthier futures today

Positive healthcare can help create better health outcomes for kids in remote Indigenous communities.

That’s why Captain Starlight travels with health teams to visit remote community health clinics bringing fun, games and laughter.

With Captain Starlight, clinics are transformed into fun, happy places for kids and their families.

And the impact?

  • Kids get to play and socialise which is vital to their development and wellbeing

  • Reduces kids’ fear and anxiety about their health checks

  • Makes the healthcare experience more positive and welcoming

  • Increases healthcare participation which can help improve long-term health.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children have some of the highest levels of preventable diseases in the world.

Together we can help change that.