Meet Taiyo

At just 2-years old, Taiyo was diagnosed with Lymphoma (a form of blood cancer).

While undergoing gruelling treatment in hospital, Taiyo's mum and dad watched him become withdrawn and overcome with sadness.

The pain, fear and isolation of hospital was overwhelming.

They wondered where their smiley happy boy had gone.

Taiyo missed so much of his old life.

Most heartbreaking of all, he missed Christmas at home.

"To be in hospital on Christmas Day was incredibly tough," his dad said.

Thankfully, Starlight was there giving the family the positivity they needed at such a dark time.

"Captain Starlight helped Taiyo forget all the bad stuff and brought so much joy. They made the hugest difference," mum said.

Captain Starlight played games, sang Christmas songs and brought surprise gifts so Taiyo got to enjoy the magic of Christmas again.

"Seeing our son happy during such a traumatic time means the world to us," his mum said. "It's devastating to even think of what it would've been like without Starlight there."

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The power of your support

Right now, sick kids are facing even more pain, fear and isolation. Many hospitals are restricting visitors to just one family member which only adds to the stress and sadness of serious illness.

For kids in hospital, Starlight provides the joy and positive distraction that is essential to help them cope with hospital, illness and treatment.

Through Captain Starlight's ward rounds, virtual visits, surprise Christmas packs of fun and games, we continue to focus on what we do best - bringing positivity to sick kids in any way we can because now, more than ever, happiness matters. 

With current restrictions on hospital visitors, the need for Starlight this Christmas has never been greater. Starlight provides the joy and positive distraction that is vital to help sick kids like Taiyo cope with the fear and isolation of hospital.  

Here's how your donation will help


helps Captain Starlight reach more children in hospital this Christmas


flys Captain Starlight to a remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community for a day


grants a life changing Starlight Wish for a sick child

The Impact of Starlight Wishes

When you grant a Starlight Wish you help improve a seriously ill child's social, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Starlight Wishes help kids and families reconnect and create lasting positive memories.

The challenges of 2020 meant some wishes were not able to be granted. At the same time, we are receiving more Starlight Wish referrals than ever before.

Right now, 986 sick kids are waiting for their Starlight Wish to be granted.

That's why your support is vital to help give sick kids happiness when they need it most