Thea’s family were “shocked, terrified, and totally broken” when the three-year-old was diagnosed with eye cancer.

Forced to decide between trying an uncertain treatment, and removing their daughter’s eye, parents Jon and Maree were left completely devastated.

For little Thea, the distress of losing an eye and learning to live with her new “special eye” was incredibly hard.

Thankfully, Captain Starlight was by Thea’s side throughout her entire ordeal, meeting them at her very first hospital admission, and at each appointment since.

Despite the painful stinging eyedrops she endures at every checkup, Thea LOVES going to the hospital because Captain Starlight is there to turn her fear into fun!

For John and Maree, Captain Starlight’s positivity has been a life-changing experience.

“She associates the hospital, her treatment, her checkups, everything, as a super fun and positive experience that she would do all over again as long as Captain Starlight is there” says mum Maree. “I can’t even begin to imagine what our experience would have been like without the Captains… and I don’t want to!”

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Captain Starlight and the Starlight Express Rooms help sick kids and their families take a break from the pain, stress and fear of hospital and treatment. Captain Starlight delivers positive distraction to sick kids, minimising the trauma of their hospital experience.  All funds raised will go towards helping Captain Starlight: 

  • Help make hospital and healthcare a positive experience 

  • Help families connect and have fun while a child is in hospital 

  • Visit children too unwell to leave their beds to deliver fun on the wards 

  • Help kids build confidence and resilience to cope with illness and treatment 

  • Create happiness, boosting a child’s mood and reducing stress and anxiety

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