At just 5 years old, Zack’s Leukaemia diagnosis turned his world upside down. It required long, isolating hospital stays, stripping away his childhood.  

Fortunately, Captain Starlight was there to provide moments of positive distraction through engaging games and activities, offering respite from the pain and challenges of his treatment. 

The Starlight Express Room offered Zack a medical-free sanctuary in hospital, where he could momentarily escape to engage in play, spend precious moments with his siblings, and simply be a kid again. 

When serious illness took over, Starlight gave Zack his childhood back. 

You can help ensure Starlight can continue to make hospital a happy place for seriously ill children like Zack. 

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$10 will help make hospital a happy place for seriously ill children

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How your donation helps


Connects 1 child with the positive distraction of Captain Starlight, our superhero of fun in hospital


Enables 1 family to take a break from the stress of hospital, and reconnect with a fun day out together


Provides 3 children in hospital with access to fun and activities in the Starlight Express Room

Your impact

Gives back their childhood

Provides moments of joy through play & creativity that allows kids to be kids, and not defined by their illness

Builds resilience

Reduces fear and builds a child’s confidence to cope with illness & treatment, making hospital a positive experience

Connects families

Creates moments for families to spend precious time with one another and have fun while a child is in hospital