Just before Ariana’s 6th birthday, she was shockingly diagnosed with life threatening bone marrow failure.  

To treat her condition, Ariana endured chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and over 100 blood transfusions, the first of which was nearly fatal. 

“A severe reaction caused her oxygen to drop, and her lungs to go into distress. It was such a shocking experience," recalls mum Rebecca.  

Ariana continued to suffer a series of viruses and infections that would compromise her treatment, and leave her extremely vulnerable. 

Ariana spent close to an entire year shut off from the outside world, unable to have contact with her siblings, or even other kids on her ward. Captain Starlight was the only non-medical person Ariana saw.  

When Ariana was gifted a Starlight Wish, she immediately started to plan a fun-filled holiday to the Gold Coast for the family to enjoy together. 

Taking on the theme parks VIP style was the perfect way for the young family to relax and reconnect, and start to put their terrible ordeal behind them. 

“It was so wonderful to see the kids together again, laughing and happy after all their time apart. It was so great just for us all to have some fun!” says Rebecca. 

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Starlight Wishes give sick kids something fun to look forward to and create new happy memories to treasure forever. 

  • Kids enjoy a sense of control choosing their dream 

  • Kids have something fun to look forward to and are distracted from their illness 

  • Wishes help kids, families and siblings reconnect 

  • Wishes gives kids and families a break from the stress of hospital 

  • Wishes would create lasting happy memories 

  • Kids feel happier, more confident and positive about the future 

  • Wishes help increase sick kids’ overall wellbeing  

A happy childhood makes a lasting difference to lifelong psychological wellbeing, sense of self, social connections, and healthy behaviours. 

Starlight Wishes help bring the joy and happiness that's essential to childhood