Meet Chase

"When the specialist said the word cancer, my whole body was shaking," Chase's mum Kelly recalls.

Chase was just four years old when he was diagnosed with Wilms Tumour - childhood cancer in the kidney.

He needed a life-saving operation and then gruelling rounds of chemotherapy.

Chase was terrified of hospital. He was afraid of 'the big machine' which administered his chemo, he wanted to run away every time he saw it.

Chase "was born with confidence," so it was heartbreaking for Kelly to see her little boy so terrified.

Kelly said without Captain Starlight, Chase would not have coped with the trauma of hospital.

The Captains would visit Chase on the ward - they chatted, laughed and played boardgames together to distract him from the scary treatment.

The Captain Starlights became Chase's best friends!

"We can't imagine hospital without Starlight, and we don't want to imagine it." - Chase's mum Kelly

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