The Starlight Whistleblower Policy (PDF) supports the reporting of actual or suspected wrongdoing ("Disclosable Matter") by Starlight or Starlight team members.

If you are considering making a report, our Whistleblower Policy will help you understand your rights and obligations through any investigative process. The policy will help guide you on how to identify Disclosable Matters as well as provide an outline of how Starlight will help manage and support any whistleblowing process.

Making a report

To make a report, please contact Starlight's independent whistleblower service.

Your report will remain anonymous and confidential. If making a report, you will not be required to identify yourself, but you may choose to do so. Your name will not appear on any report to Starlight unless you have given consent for your identity to be disclosed.

Make a report via any of the methods below: