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Starlight TV is fun on-demand for sick kids in hospital!

Broadcast live every day in every children's hospital around Australia, Starlight TV gives sick kids in hospital all the fun of Captain Starlight.

The daily interactive shows enable kids to participate in quizzes and games, request songs or "meet" a celebrity or special guest all from their hospital bed.

There's fun new content all the time helping to keep kids entertained and distracted from the world of hospital and treatment.

Kids in isolation or who are too sick to visit the Starlight Express Room don't miss out on the fun and happiness they need - the fun comes directly to them through Starlight TV.

Starlight Kids TV YouTube channel

Our Fun with Captain Starlight YouTube channel helps kids stay connected to the fun of Captain Starlight when they are at home or on the go. Starlight TV helps sick kids access the fun and happiness when and where they need it

Captain Starlight

Our superheroes of fun bring joy, laughter and happiness to sick kids inside and outside of hospital.

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